Villas and townhouses
in Northern Cyprus

Villas and Townhouses

Northern Cyprus is an ideal place for real estate investment. The mild Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscapes, developed infrastructure and favorable conditions for the purchase of housing attract investors from all over the world. Townhouses and villas in North Cyprus are particularly popular due to their convenience, spacious layouts and high level of comfort.

Buying villas and houses in North Cyprus

North Cyprus offers a wide range of villas and townhouses to suit a wide variety of buyers. Here you can find both cozy villas with a few bedrooms, and luxury residences with panoramic sea views. Many complexes are located in picturesque locations, surrounded by Mediterranean nature, and offer a rich infrastructure, including swimming pools, sports fields and recreational areas.

Advantages of investing in North Cyprus

Affordable property prices

In North Cyprus, the cost of housing remains relatively low compared to other popular resort regions of the Mediterranean. Here you can buy a spacious villa or townhouse at a price significantly lower than in Western Europe or in the South of Cyprus. This makes investment in local real estate especially attractive for those looking for quality and comfortable housing at a reasonable price.

High liquidity

The demand for quality real estate in Northern Cyprus is constantly growing. This is not only due to the attractiveness of the region for tourists and home buyers, but also due to the limited supply in the market. As the area of Northern Cyprus is small and there are limited opportunities for new construction, existing villas and townhouses are in high demand. This ensures high liquidity and the potential for property values to rise in the future.

Favorable tax regime

The tax system of Northern Cyprus is characterized by favorable conditions for both locals and foreign investors. There is no capital gains tax on the sale of houses or real estate, and the personal income tax rate is only 12.5%. In addition, there are tax exemptions for pensioners and certain categories of investors.

Stable political situation

Northern Cyprus is a safe and politically stable region, which makes it attractive for investment. There is a calm environment, no conflicts or social upheavals. This creates favorable conditions for doing business, as well as guarantees the protection of property rights and investments.

Developed infrastructure

North Cyprus has a well-developed infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life. There are modern shopping centers, restaurants, medical facilities, educational institutions and other social infrastructure facilities.
Many residential complexes have their own infrastructure, including swimming pools, sports grounds, recreation areas and other amenities.

How to buy real estate

The process of buying a villa or townhouse in North Cyprus is quite transparent and clear. First you need to decide on the object and sign a reservation agreement with the developer or seller. Then follows the execution of the necessary legal documents and transfer of funds to the seller's account. After completing all the formalities, the buyer becomes the full owner of the selected property.

North Cyprus is an attractive destination for investment in residential real estate. Villas and townhouses in this region are characterized by high quality, spacious layouts and affordable prices. Buying real estate here is a great way to have a comfortable home and save your money.

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