Iskele is an area carved out of the northeastern part of the Famagusta region. It is located on the Karpassky peninsula, occupying its main part, almost from all sides it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea.

Iskele is synonymous with excellent rest and beautiful sea sunsets. The city is called the future of Miami, and there is some truth in this. Even 10 years ago there was nothing here but a small village. And now it is a new modern area, which is being actively built up with resort-type complexes.

The coastline of Iskele stretches for 25 km. Here is the coast of Long Beach with some of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Gentle entrance to the sea, golden sand, developed service and entertainment infrastructure.

Buying property in Iskele

Iskele is a small town in Northern Cyprus, nestled in the coastal area. With its mild climate, clean beaches and blue sea, buying property in this town is a great investment idea.

Iskele: Features of the region

This picturesque town is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This resort is famous for its relaxed, unhurried atmosphere, friendly locals and mesmerizing nature. Iskele is a great option for those who prefer a leisurely pace of life and comfort.

Compared to other towns in Northern Cyprus, Iskele stands out for its well-developed infrastructure and facilities for tourists. There is a large number of centers for shopping, entertainment, cafes and restaurants.

Buying real estate in Iskele is a good investment destination with good prospects and a great place to live.

What kind of real estate you can buy in Iskel

In Iskel you can buy real estate for every taste and budget:
  • apartments;
  • cottages;
  • townhouses;
  • villas.

Each type has its own advantages. For example, a cottage will allow you to feel privacy and comfort, and a villa will suit those who do not limit themselves in anything and prefer luxury and comfort.

Specialists of our agency will help you to choose a cottage, villa or apartment in North Cyprus in accordance with your wishes and the amount of money.

Stages of buying real estate in Iskele

The process of buying a house or apartment in Iskele is not much different from buying real estate in other countries. It involves several stages:
  • Budget approval;
  • viewing and selection of options;
  • reserving the object with a deposit;
  • checking the seller for tax and credit debts through the real estate and land registry;
  • signing the contract of sale;
  • making payment.

The property then becomes yours to use. You can live in it yourself or rent it out.

Entrust the purchase of real estate in North Cyprus to the professionals of our agency. We guarantee full support of the transaction from the coordination of the budget to the signing of the contract of sale. To get expert advice contact us using the feedback form on the website or in a convenient messenger.
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